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ORGENETICS Natural Vitamins & Minerals


Organic certified and 100% natural vitamins, minerals polyphenols, bioflavonoids and other naturally occurring functional nutrients. Orgenetics brand ingredients are organic, free of chemicals, pesticides and solvent residues.

The cultivation is carried out in a 400 acres certified organic farm in India. The manufacturing facility is ISO 22000, Organic, Kosher and Halal certified. No synthetic material or vitamins are added or used during cultivation or extraction process.


Product range include:

Orgen–B’s™: Organic certified and all-natural Vitamin B1,B2,B3,B5,B6 and B9 from plant source only. It is a blend of guava extract, holy basil extract and citrus lemon extract.


Orgen–C™: Organic certified and all-natural Vitamin C 50% from amla fruit with bioflavonoids and tannins.


Orgen-I™: Organic certified, natural Iron 3.6% from curry leaves (*)


Orgen–N™: Organic certified, natural niacin 3.6% with phytonutrients from holy basil.


Orgen-SE™: Organic certified, natural Selenium 0.5% from mustard seeds extract with additional anti-oxidant benefits.


Orgen-SI™: Organic certified, natural bamboo silica 75%.


Orgen-OX™: Organic certified 60% tannins with high ORAC value (400,000/100 gm) from amla fruit.


Orgen-HimTM: All-natural multivitamin blend (derived from amla fruit, guava fruit, holy basil leaves and lemon fruit extracts) with the addition of key minerals, especially formulated for men.  European approved version.


Orgen-HerTM:  All-natural multivitamin blend (derived from amla fruit, guava fruit, holy basil leaves, curry leaves and lemon fruit extracts) with added key minerals like Iron, Biotin, Chromium and few others, especially formulated for women. European approved version (**)



(*) Gee Lawson is the European distributor for Orgen-I excluding Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

(**) Territory restrictions. Please ask. 

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The products listed on this website do NOT have to be labelled as Genetically Modified (GM) under EC Regulations EC/1829/2003 and EC/1830/2003.