New! SatiPlus

SatiPlus is a clinically researched, patented ingredient, manufactured from freeze-drying the aerial parts of cultivated Hoodia parviflora (non-endangered species). It contains up to 80% carbohydrates (mainly fibre) and up to 1% steroid glycosides. The plants are cultivated all year round in Israel in Kibbutz Yotvata (Southern Arava Region).

SatiPlus is intended to be used as a food and dietary supplement product to support weight loss and metabolism management in adults. It has EU Novel Food Approval status and a long history of traditional use.

Come and learn more at LEHVOSS Nutrition Stand H19.

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And there will be more. Plant Proteins, Vitamins and Minerals from botanicals, research updates on key branded ingredients and new partnerhips.

We look forward to seeing you at Geneva next week.