Boswellia: Did you know that….

Most of the standard Boswellia extracts are not standardized to specific levels of Boswellic acids by validated methods. And if they are,  the concentration of the Boswellic acids in most of the cases is quite low.

Many finished products containing Boswellia extract state “65% Boswellic acids”. However, this should actually be labeled as “65% Organic acids” since the method typically used to get to the 65% is “Titration” and does not give the breakdown of the Boswellic acids, which is done via HPLC. This was a big issue in the US over a decade ago where many food supplement companies had to change their labels to mention either “Organic acids” or “Boswellic acids as Organic acids” since the method of testing was Titration.

WokVel® is standardized to minimum 40% Boswellic acids via HPLC and it is a sum of six individual Boswellic acids. It is a natural, clinically backed botanical ingredient that is known to support joint health by targeting the 5-lipoxygense pathway.

WokVel® is manufactured from a wild-crafted gum resin, in a vertically integrated, botanicals-only manufacturing facility audited for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) by third-party auditing agencies, including NSF International. Traceability of raw material is a significant part of WokVel’s quality control program, and each incoming lot of Boswellia raw material is validated for identity by HPTLC against authenticated sample specimens.


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