New Organic option in our range: Inulin from Agave

Extracted from the Blue Agave plant, this interesting ingredient offers a dietary fiber source with scientific research demonstrating health benefits in improving the intestinal transit and reducing blood cholesterol levels.  Our new organic agave inulin is made from blue agave plants, which are part of the unique landscape of the Mexican state of Jalisco. They are called “blue” because there is blue wax in the plant’s leaves and they spread over thousands of hectares, adding spice and color to the subtropical region.


Standard inulin found on the market is normally produced from chicory roots and Jerusalem artichokes but it is also possible to obtain fructans from the famous Mexican Agave plant.  Inulin is commonly used in nutritional food supplement products. This organically certified alternative can offer a point of distinction which is suitable for capsules, tablets and supplements in powder form. It can be also used in premium foods for animals and pets. Our organic agave inulin is derived from plants that are grown in small “collections” as it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to eliminate pesticide problems in large crops.

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