Knotted kelp (Ascophyllum) beats Spirulina for natural minerals

Comparing gram-for-gram, just one gram of PureSeaTM contains around 12 times as much calcium as spirulina, 4 times as much potassium as chlorella, and nearly 30 times as much iron as spinach*, according to our manufacturing partner Seaweed & Co.

The key nutrient though for PureSeaTM is its rich natural iodine source, which is unavailable in land plants and fresh water algae such as Spirulina.  PureSeaTM’s iodine content enables six EU-approved health claims of supporting normal thyroid health, skin, metabolism, cognitive function, nervous system and development in children.  Click here to read the original article by


Previously marketed by LEHVOSS as GeeSeaNutra®, this extremely nutrient-rich brown algae (also known as Knotted Kelp or Wrack seaweed) has been recently relaunched under the PureSeaTM brand name with a variety of formats, and based on their Patent Pending technologies.  PureSea™ Protect is the latest addition which offers a micro-encapsulated flavourless off-white powder with enhanced nutrition due to protection of key nutrients during digestion according to recent research with Newcastle University Medical School (publication in preparation).

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*based on the nutritional analysis of PureSeaTM selected batches and market information.