Sport Nutrition Needs, Trends for Female Athletes and how OptiMSM may help.

According to Natural Products Insider (Jun12, 2018) more women are entering the sports nutrition market and expressing their dissatisfaction for products formulated primarily for men. While women require and can benefit from many of the same sports nutrition products men take, such as protein, caffeine, specialty carbohydrates and choline, the female physiology often demands its own attention as far as dosing and timing. Furthermore, women have different energy needs than men. Areas of opportunity for female-centric formulation opportunities include muscle endurance, fatigue reduction, iron status, bone health, injury recovery, and body composition. Watch the following 6 minutes’ video to learn more about the trends. Link to video


Research suggests OptiMSM® may empower an active individual to return to training quickly by decreasing muscle pain, bolstering redox capacity, and mitigating inflammatory cytokines. In addition to this, scientific evidence behind OptiMSM® demonstrates improvements in skin wrinkles, elasticity and firmness in as little as 8 weeks (click here to read more). Furthermore, a gene analysis study demonstrates that OptiMSM® helps to modulate key regulators responsible for skin health and appearance.  All this makes OptiMSM® an interesting option to food supplement and sport nutrition companies which are aiming to differentiate their product offer when targeting the female audience.

OptiMSM® is Informed Sport certified. For more information, please visit our dedicated page or contact us.