EpiCor® for children: safety considerations

Prior to age 2, a child’s physiology differs from that of an older child or adult and it would be prudent to have efficacious trials demonstrating the absorption, elimination and physiologic effects on this age group prior to marketing your product. After age 12, it would become more difficult to differentiate the dose based on age & weight. Attempts to provide a dose for children’ food supplement might be therefore challenging. In order to support customers finished product formulations for this range of age Embria Health Sciences, the manufacturers of EpiCor®, put together a dosage report for the USA market,  which we have recently reviewed and adjusted to align with the EFSA reference body weights.


Safety and efficacy are key considerations for establishing dose. When there is no safety concern, efficacy drives the dosage. Since EpiCor® has been shown to be safe, children’s doses can be calculated using the 500mg efficacious adult dosage as a starting point.  Different methods exist for such calculations, but when efficacy drives the dosage with no safety concerns, using weight is the recommended method for such calculations.


The document is available to all our registered customers in our EpiCor® dedicated page and it is intended as a guidance to all our customers who would like to explore the application of EpiCor® in food supplements for children. Furthermore, a research on this range of age is currently undertaken by Embria Health Sciences, with expected results in 2019.  Contact us for more information.


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