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Ester-C®: Did you know…

Ester-C® Calcium Ascorbate -Threonate was discovered back in the early 80s, when its inventor, an ever-curious doctor and scientist set out on a quest for the first stomach-friendly Vitamin. The result of his research is what we know today as Ester-C®, a unique form of Vitamin C.

Clinical studies show that Ester-C® increases vitamin C levels in white blood cells, which are essential part of the immune system. Ester-C® stays in the body longer than regular vitamin C, up to 24 hours. The naturally occurring metabolites in the formula are the reason why it lasts longer than generic Vitamin C.

Ester-C® is designed to be non-acidic which means it has a neutral pH. In one of the clinical trials, people who were generally sensitive to acidic foods were given either Ester-C® or ascorbic acid. These results demonstrated that Ester-C® was easier on the stomach than ascorbic acid.

Ester-C® is approved by EFSA on Annex II and therefore allowed for use in food supplements. All the EFSA Claims for Vitamin C can be used for Ester-C®, with the benefits and advantages of this patented ingredient.

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