Gee Lawson News

New botanicals added to the Gee Lawson ingredients range

Thanks to our recent partnership with NatIng, we have started to add new ingredients to our botanical range as well as improve the quality and price competitiveness on others. We can offer Cranberry, Rosehip, Golden Rod, Thyme, Echinacea, Acerola and more. These ingredients are all produced under strict EU quality parameters with full traceability, control of the supply chain and production cycle by NatIng.

NatIng’s partnership allows us to offer over 100 standard botanical ingredients and among them, some very special ingredient’s lines with functional carriers such as spelt and buckwheat, instead of maltodextrin. This allows us to support customer’s requirements with additional health benefits to standard botanical extracts.

NatIng’s point of distinction starts in the geographical provenance: their key Mediterranean extracts (rosemary, artichoke, rocket, origan, sage, olive, among others)  are harvested in the beautiful Mediterranean Island Sardinia, where they own and fully control their fields. We can also offer customized solutions to meet specific customer’s requirements, although minimum order requirements may apply depending on the case.

Download our NatIng Product Profile Sheet to learn more about the botanical range or contact us for a quote.