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Specially for you: New report from Innova.

This month at IFT18 in Chicago, Innova presented an interesting report about the opportunities for plant based ingredients.  This is something we are happy to share with you, thanks to our partnership with Innova Market Insights.

Plant-based innovation continues to flourish and growing consumer interest in health, sustainability and ethics are making plant-derived ingredients and products more popular. Mindful choices are driving plant innovation worldwide and a broader range or alternatives are becoming available beyond the classic categories, not only in the food sector but also in functional foods and food supplements.

Active botanicals are benefiting from their “healthy halo”. Clean label solutions to colour products are being offered to differentiate and capture the attention of consumers. Social media in general plays an important role communicating innovation.  To discover more, click here to download a summary of the report “Plant based: Eating Green IFT 2018”. Please remember to login as a registered Gee Lawson website user before accessing the link.

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