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Research Highlight: Pomella®

Pomella® found most potent antioxidant among dietary supplements.

A 2014 study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry (Henning et al.) showed Pomella® ranked highest in antioxidant activity across a number of assays including ORAC, TEAC, FRAP and DPPH, compared to 26 other antioxidant products.  Pomegranate supplements (Pomella®) with the highest content of punicalagins showed high antioxidant activity, whereas those high in ellagic acid showed the lowest. Click here to download the full study.

Cardio-metabolic health

Two clinical studies (Goyal R et al.,2016) showed significant improvements in cardiovascular and metabolic health, respectively, with administration of 300 mg / Pomella twice daily for 30-days as an adjunct therapy. In the first study, significant improvements were seen in biomedical parameters such as HDL, OX-LDL, serum homocysteine, hs-CRP, and others. The same researchers showed especially significant decreases in blood glucose and HbA1c compared to baseline in the second study. Both studies are available for download in our dedicated pomella product page.

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