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Golden Omega Fish Oil Concentrates: Purity you can see

When you look through our Golden Omega fish oil concentrates, you can see clear and perfectly transparent oils. This is because all our concentrates are typically Gardner Gardner colour 3 or below. And there is more.

All the crude oil used as raw material in Golden Omega´s Fish Oil production has been verified as “pure anchovy from the South Pacific Ocean”.  Golden Omega’s manufacturing facility is strategically located in the middle of the richest fishing ground for anchovy in the world, and it is also vertically integrated from fisheries which guarantees control over the supply chain and full traceability from the fishing to the final Omega-3 product.  The crude oil is sourced from selected Friend of the Sea and IFFO RS certified fishing companies in Chile and Peru, including its shareholders.

Due to the strategical location and the freshness of the starting material, Golden Omega Fish Oil Concentrates have a very good sensory profile.  The new manufacturing plant uses the latest technology and can guarantee good organoleptic properties, with very low peroxide and anisidine values (TOTOX is typically 3 - 5).  Furthermore, the levels of contaminants are far below the established European regulatory guidelines.

Visit our Golden Omega dedicated product page to learn more about our Omega-3 offer or contact us. Golden Omega is part of the Geelawson range of ingredients, distributed in all Europe by LEHVOSS.

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