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Botanical extracts with functional carriers? Discover our offer

Most standardised dried extracts and powders are supported on carriers such as maltodextrin and silicon dioxide. Very recently our new partner Nating, has developed new lines of botanical extracts with functional carriers (buckwheat and spelt), aimed to offer additional health benefits. These benefits have been preliminary evaluated with in-vitro studies, and have demonstrated positive results such lower glycemic index compared to standard maltodextrin, among others.

Furthermore by adding buckwheat into the production process,  these botanical extracts may benefit from flavonoids such as rutin and quercetin, with traditionally strong antioxidant and blood vessel protection properties. The high fibre content also facilitates and regulates intestinal transit, and may act as a potent appetite suppressant.

The spelt-based botanical line is naturally enriched with selenium, one of the trace elements contained in spelt which can be associated to healthy hair and nails.  Spelt is also rich in beta-glucans proteins, vitamins and mineral salts and low in fats.

Visit our dedicated page and download our Nating product profile sheet to learn more about the spelt and buckwheat lines and also, Nating's standard mediterranean extracts.  Please remember to log as a registered customer before visiting the product page. Contact us to learn more.