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New! From the heart of Sardinia: Nating Mediterranean extracts

Making the most of the endless natural resources found in the Sardinia Island to offer high quality & innovative natural botanical extracts: This is the mission of Nating, an Italian company specialized in Mediterranean botanical extracts, with full traceability and total control of the supply chain and production cycle.

Each botanical extract is the result of years of research and maximum attention to every stage of production, from the seed selection to the raw material extraction. Nating has committed its business and philosophy to Sardinia, an important Italian historical and natural landmark. Most of the Nating botanical extracts are harvested in Sardinia in uncontaminated fields, far from pollution and close to the sea. 

 Nating product lines include traditional Mediterranean extracts and  innovative botanical extracts using buckwheat and spelt as functional carriers, which  may offer a new alternative to maltodextrin and benefits from a nutritional and health-related point of view

Discover more about Nating and their product range by downloading the Nating product profile sheet here. Come and see us at Vitafoods, stand I-20, to learn more. Contact us.