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INNOVATION using combinations with EpiCor® and Biootima™ for gut health; Pomella® and Ester-C® for antioxidant benefits; Naticol®, OptiMSM®, Ester-C®, HAPLEX®Plus for skin beauty; Longvida®  & Golden OmegaTM DHA for cognitive and many other concepts to help you with your next formulation.

INGREDIENTS obtained from carefully controlled fermentation processes, botanicals from specific geographical areas, DNA authenticated seaweed, organic certified plant extracts and fully reacted minerals are just part of our offering.

We search and offer clinically researched branded ingredients with SCIENCE, proven bioavailability, efficacy and benefits, where results, in many cases,  are published in renowned scientific magazines worldwide.


Come and see us at Vitafoods and get updated with the most recent SCIENCE behind the INGREDIENTS we offer:

  • Longvida® new study comparing 800mg Longvida® to standard analgesic in Osteoarthritis subjects.
  • Pomella® & Longvida® new study evaluating athletic performance and recovery of runners.
  • XanMax® new study evaluating its efficacy in improving MPOD (Macular Pigment Optical Density) levels in elderly volunteers.
  • Naticol® Collagen Peptides new study demonstrating significant benefits with a lower dosage (2.5g).
  • Epicor® and a recent study demonstrating EpiCor’s gastrointestinal and prebiotic benefits at only 500 mg daily dose.
  • New study demonstrating OptiMSM® provides the body with a rapidly absorbed, readily available, and constant supply of Sulphur.



  • US Greens: High quality whole-food green powders, carefully grown and processed using special harvesting and production techniques.
  • BaCognize®: Clinically researched Bacopa extract with proven benefits supporting cognitive enhancement, memory, focus, attention, mood and stress.
  • NatIng™: New Mediterranean extracts from the hearth of Sardinia (Italy) with new product lines using spelt and buckwheat carriers for fibre fortification and gluten free-options.
  • HAPLEX®Plus: high purity food grade Sodium Hyaluronate with scientifically proven benefits on skin elasticity, degenerative osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.
  • Ask about a new Fibre product


New technologies to offer SOLUTIONS:

  • GOtab: by Omegatri™ using Golden Omega™ fish oil concentrates into a direct compressible powder for tablets.
  • Disolvits®: a finished product solution which optimizes the delivery of commonly lipophilic active ingredients by enhancing their solubility and absorption.


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