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Updates: New research in support of OptiMSM® for joint health

A recent clinical trial research has further supported the findings of Kim et al. (2006) and confirmed the benefits of extending the duration of an active treatment with MSM.

In a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial (Pagonis, 2014) subjects taking 3 grams (2x/daily) of MSM for 26 weeks experienced significant decreases in all subscales of WOMAC pain and physical index as well as improved performance of daily living as measured on the SF-36. The WOMAC subscales continued to decline at 26 weeks suggesting, according to the authors "the full effects of MSM were not entirely expressed during the planned intervention timeframe." As in the Kim et al. study, MSM benefits in OA sufferers may continue to increase well beyond the time periods studied.

Additional clinical research on combination supplements (Lubis, 2017), demonstrates that as little as 500 mg of MSM combined with glucosamine and chondroitin provides a significant reduction of pain and improvement in physical function over the same formula without MSM. Data published in the journal Nutrients (Wong, 2017) confirmed OptiMSM® is a sulfur donor and the sulfur moiety from MSM incorporates into proteins. Sulfur is a functionally important building block for protein synthesis and healthy collagen structures. 

For more information please download the new MSM Joint Health Science Brief, available from our OptiMSM® dedicated page or contact us.