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Product Highlight: Micro-encapsulated Seaweed

Our micro-encapsulated seaweed powder is 100% natural and vegan,  sourced and produced to sustainable and high quality standards in the Scottish waters.  It offers all the nutritional benefits of our existing seaweed ingredients, with the added benefits of near-neutral taste and colour and excellent solubility. Independent research also shows better protection of nutrients during digestion, thus improving bioavailability and functionality.


Seaweed is a natural, incredibly healthy and sustainable food. Nutritionally, seaweed is unrivalled, providing multiple benefits as an ingredient in foods, beverages, superfood blends and nutritional supplements. Knowing where seaweed comes from, how it is harvested and processed, with all the right quality assurances, is paramount to ensure you consistently get the required product. Our manufacturer’s accreditation system is based on decades of experience in harvesting seaweed, with an expert panel to measure, monitor and constantly improve on safety, quality, traceability, sustainability and research. Ascophyllum nodosum (commonly known as knotted or egg wrack) is naturally rich in iodine, and contains all the minerals, trace elements and a wide range of other nutrients.


Visit our dedicated page to learn more about our micro-encapsulated seaweed and other available grades,  which are part of the Gee Lawson range.