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Is it possible to obtain "Natural" MSM?

Commercially available MSM does not come from wood, plants, or fossil fuels. You can’t obtain MSM from a tree, extract it from plants, or remove it from petroleum or other fossil fuels. A chemical reaction is required to make MSM.


To the best of our knowledge, all commercially available MSM is synthetic and created through a chemical reaction of DMSO and hydrogen peroxide. Since all commercial MSM produced comes from DMSO, and all commercial DMSO is produced synthetically, the origin of the DMSO is not relevant. There is a general misconception that one supply of MSM is more natural than another. 

All MSM produced for commercial use utilizes the same raw materials – but there is a difference, and that boils down to the purification process, testing levels, specifications, and quality of the manufacturing.


U.S.-made OptiMSM® is the premium branded form of MSM that is GRAS – designated and supported by safety data and published clinical research. OptiMSM® is manufactured utilizing a proprietary multi-stage distillation process. Trusted by manufacturers and consumers alike, OptiMSM® has earned the reputation as the purest, safest, most consistent quality MSM in the world.

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