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Mythocondro® Vegetarian Chondroitin Sulphate gains Novel Food Approval

Mythocondro®, the Non-Animal  chondroitin sulphate manufactured by our partners in Italy Gnosis S.p.a., has successfully gained Novel Food Approval. We are very excited to add this ingredient to our Gee Lawson portfolio of branded ingredients.

Mythocondro® is produced from a natural, green and proprietary fermentation process, offering as a result a reliable ingredient, free from contaminants and adulterations which sometimes can be found from certain animal-derived sources.

Mythocondro® has a clear identity profile and a batch-to-batch reproducibility. Mythocondro® is 99% chondroitin by HPLC, with a homogeneous pattern similar to human chondroitin found in synovial fluid. These, together with the low molecular weight, makes it a highly bioavailable, effective and safe source of chondroitin. Clinical research is available on request.  Please contact us for more information.


Mythocondro® is distributed on exclusive basis in UK and Ireland by the Gee Lawson Nutritional Division of LEHVOSS UK Ltd.