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OptiMSM® Immune Support & Bone Health for Long-Term Training

Athletes undergoing intense training sessions must address immune health if they hope to recover fully and effectively. Faster recovery and fewer setbacks allow athletes and active individuals of all ages to continue with their training routines and ultimately receive the most benefits. One recent study on OptiMSM®, demonstrated MSM can support immune health after exhaustive training1.


In the study, a group of physically active men supplemented with either placebo or 3 g/d of MSM for 28 days. The men performed 100 repetitions of eccentric knee extension exercise each day after supplementation. Results indicated MSM may diminish the release of inflammatory molecules after exercise, which then gives cells a greater capacity to respond appropriately to additional stimulus following exercise.


OptiMSM® is Informed-Sport® Certified.  Informed-Sport® is a certification that shows ingredients are free from banned substances, therefore confirming that OptiMSM® is a safe choice for sport.  To learn more, please visit our OptiMSM® dedicated page or contact us.



1. Van der Merwe, M.; Bloomer, R.J. The influence of methylsulfonylmethane on inflammation-associated cytokine release before and following strenuous exercise. J. Sports Med. 2016, 2016, 7498359.