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Vitafoods Highlights: An overview of the Collagen Market

By Dr. Christelle Bonnet, Health ingredients & Innovation Development Director - Weishardt


"I found that customers are more and more familiar with collagen peptides and this year, I found they were more focused on bio-functionalities of fish collagen peptides rather than the organoleptical issues or the fish origin. Most of them had already heard about the benefits of collagen peptides on skin and joints . The effects of collagen peptides on weight management were something they knew less. Hence, they were interested to learn more.


When discussing product formulation, customers were curious about how they may be able to use and keep Naticol® biological properties in their products. They were mostly asking questions about the Naticol® dosage and temperature constraints. I had to point out to some customers producing capsules that using vitamins and minerals, they may eventually be able to reduce the dosage. I also mentioned the study with the 2.5g/day which is now finished and under statistical analysis.

As our products are pretty neutral in terms of taste and odor, I didn’t hesitate to make them taste the product into water or show them our prototypes of RTDs to demonstrate the ability to hide easily  any typical flavour notes while using Naticol®. I  demonstrated it was a product easy to work with in terms of formulations and this organoleptic issue was an easy thing to manage.


I also didn’t notice  customer needs for a low molecular weight 2 kDa as a key for better absorption and consequently better efficacy. Customers were more focused on our products which showed efficacy rather than knowing we may have low and high molecular weight collagen peptides (2 and 4 kDa).


They really appreciated to know that there were already clinical studies conducted with well-known laboratories and hospitals, some results were published and new clinical studies were in process. Weishardt is also the only one to have compared effects of collagen peptides on various sites of skin (face, abdomen, forearm). It was also appreciated to learn that Weishardt was a French company and was created in 1839 (it contributes to the nice picture of collagen’s know-how).


During the 3 days of the exhibition, I mainly introduced and presented our products and the studies we already have regarding efficacy but also the ones in progress. I met different types of visitors with different products and/or projects  but they were all looking for  natural ingredients with efficacy clinically or scientifically proven"


Gee Lawson is the exclusive distributor for Naticol® Fish Collagen Peptides  in Italy, UK & Ireland and The Netherlands. Please contact our sales team to learn more. For more information please visit the following related product pages: Naticol® Ingredient Page, Naticol Beverage Blends