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EpiCor’s prominent display at Vitafoods 2017

"In 2017 EpiCor® celebrates its ten year anniversary in the U.S. so it was exciting to see it finally launched in Europe in such a grand fashion", said Justin Green, International Business Manager for EpiCor® at Embria Health Sciences. "Customers were especially interested in EpiCor’s clinical trials on immune health, particularly its effects on lessening cold and flu systems, that EpiCor® activates the immune system within two hours and that it keeps inflammation responses such as allergy symptoms in check".  

"There was some discussion on the identity of EpiCor® and I discussed the merits of utilizing the entire fermentate of brewer’s yeast:  the complexity of the components, without any being overly concentrated, is essential to immune activation while not fatiguing the immune system"

"Both in customer meetings and at one of the education sessions I went to, it  was clear that there is increasing awareness of the link between immunity and gut health, namely the microbiome.  The function of polyphenols in microbiome modulation is an especially hot topic.  Embria just submitted a gut health study for publication and I will keep Gee Lawson updated on its progress"


EpiCor’s prominent display in Gee Lawson’s New Product Zone as well as the marketing graphics and documents in the booth did well to declare EpiCor® had arrived.  I was especially inspired by the constant activity in the booth". To learn more about this innovative ingredient, click here to watch a short video or visit our dedicated Epicor page.