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Excellent feedback on our new micro-encapsulated seaweed

We asked Dr Craig Rose, Managing Director of Seaweed and Co. to give us his feedback about Vitafoods and the meetings he had at our stand:  "The Vitafoods show gave us the opportunity to promote our Patent Pending, and uniquely DNA Authenticated Seaweed™, hosted on the Gee Lawson stand.  As part of this, we launched our new micro-encapsulated seaweed, which received excellent feedback from customers"

"The fact this ingredient offers increased protection of key nutrients during digestion, as well as a near-neutral flavour, resulted in a huge amount of interest from nutraceutical, food and beverage companies."


"Applications were proposed by customers including use in capsules, tablets, green blends, smoothies, sports nutrition products and more. Everyone that visited the stand commented on the uniqueness of this ingredient, and its ability to address clear market demands, of natural, organic wholefood ingredients providing key aspects of nutrition, enabling EU Approved Health Claims, weight management potential and much more. 


The diversity of companies visiting the perfectly positioned Gee Lawson stand was ideal, ranging from large multi-nationals to small niche start-ups.  Seaweed & Co. is able to cater to any size company, and we continue to innovate and drive forward our research.   Our innovation, and the clear trends of seaweed resulted in interviews with media for post-Vitafoods promotion, which we look forward to sharing soon"


For more information about GeeSeaNutra® range, please visit our dedicated page or contact us.