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New from Gee Lawson: Melaline® and Melatine®

From the producers of Cynatine HNS® and Cynatine FLX®, we are pleased to introduce Melaline® and Melatine®. Building upon its Keratin peptide technology, our partner Kerat’Innov has developed these two keratin melanin peptide oral ingredients from a natural source: black sheep’s wool.


Melaline® has been developed as a sun beauty enhancer. A clinical study using 650mg/day during 30 days demonstrated visible results (already within 10 days) in terms of strengthening the skins natural protection against UV rays and enhancing skin coloration, thanks to the natural melanogenesis stimulation. This results in lasting and intensified tanning without the use of boosting chemical products. Melatine® is an ingredient developed to stimulate melanogenesis and increase new hair growth. A clinical study using 650mg/day during 4 months demonstrated significantly darker hair color after 60 days intake. This makes the ingredient ideal for people with grey hair.


To learn more, visit our dedicated page for Melaline® and Melatine® or contact us for more information.

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