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Saw palmetto is a fan palm that grows as a tree or shrub. It can reach heights of 3 metres in warm climates, with leaf clusters that can reach 60 cm or more. It has a creeping, horizontal growth pattern of lush, green, "saw toothed" leaves that fan out from thorny stems. In the United States, saw palmetto grows in the warm climates of the southeast coast, from South Carolina through to Florida. The plant has white flowers, which produce yellow berries. The berries turn brownish black when ripe and are dried for medical and food supplement use.


Gee Lawson has a strong partnership with one of the key saw palmetto oil and powder producers in USA. Our ingredients are quality consistent and, by having direct contact with the producer, we have a strong understanding of the market and we are able take a stock position as early as possible each year.  


We can offer Saw Palmetto oil and powder  and we are pleased to say that we currently have product in stock should you want to trial our grades and make the decision to stay with us for your next requirements. Contact us to learn more. Visit our dedicated pages Saw Palmetto Oil 95% and Saw Palmetto Powder 4:1 25%.