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Regenasure: An interesting alternative for equine joint health

A big concern for horse owners is keeping their horses comfortable. A significant percentage of mature horses have some degree of joint health issues, especially performance horses. A recent scientific study using Regenasure® indicated potential for oral glucosamine HCl to positively mitigate intra-articular inflammation and influence cartilage turnover in a young growing horse model. More research is needed but these results in a live horse model are encouraging and point towards a bright future for products in the joint health category, also in pet food.


Regenasure® is a North American produced, food grade vegetarian glucosamine HCl. With rigorous management of raw material inputs, it is manufactured entirely by Cargill, in accordance with HACCP principles and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), using a patented fermentation process free from the use of organic solvents. Stock available on normal bases from Gee Lawson.


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