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New from Gee Lawson: Cynatine®

Cynatine® is a unique form of bio-active soluble keratin peptides derived from wool, sourced from a specific breed of white sheep. Keratin plays an important natural role in maintaining the body’s structural integrity and vitality especially in hair, skin and joints.Over time the body’s natural resource of keratin diminishes and it is not easily replenished. It is therefore important to replace it with a bioavailable form of keratin that can be utilized by the body.


Gee Lawson can now offer Cynatine® FLX for joint health and Cynatine® HNS, for skin, hair and nail beauty.

Scientific research (available upon request) shows Cynatine® HNS to reduce hair loss, improve hair strength and brightness. Cynatine® HNS binds into the nail structure, providing improved strength, general appearance and natural color. It also reduces wrinkles and promotes firmness and elasticity in skin by improving the protein structure and moisture retention. Cynatine® FLX supplements the body with bioavailable keratin which aids to protect and rebuild damaged joints.


Cynatine® FLX and Cynatine® HNS are clinically proven to be effective at only 500mg per day. Visit our dedicated page to learn more and contact us to receive a quote and samples.