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Longvida® capsules 400mg now available from Gee Lawson

Thanks to our partners network, we are now able to offer Longvida® as a finished product in bulks, strictly approved by our Seal Of Approval Standards and Procedures.


The product is manufactured in a transparent, HPMC, vegetarian “0” size capsule and contains 100% Longvida® powder with no excipients. To make this even better, our minimum order quantity is only 30,000 units. By adding this option to our core product range we aim to offer customers the choice to trial a product launch without  investing in internal resources or have  the choice to buy a high quality finished product in bulk and leave all the manufacturing to us.  


Why 400mg in a capsule?

400mg is the recommended daily dose, validated by more than 10 years’ research on Longvida®. New on-going research on a higher Longvida® dose will still encourage you to use this capsule size, as it is  carried out on an 800mg /day clinical dosage.


Visit our product dedicated page to learn more and contact us for samples and more information.

Our first batch is expected to arrive in the middle of March and we plan to maintain a minimum stock level.  However, please ensure you check with us about our current stock position as availability might vary according to demand.