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Guess the Number 1 Plant Power Trend for 2017?

We are absolutely delighted to see our seaweed ingredient recognized as the Number 1 Trend for 2017.

A recent report highlights Plant Power Trends, with seaweed ingredients as the number one. This report features The Food Doctor’s Seasoned Corn and Smoked Seaweed Coated Edamame Bead as the example product (produced with our recently launched Naturally Smoked Organic seaweed powder, also ideal for food blends and superfoods applications).


Seaweed and seaweed ingredients have, over the past few years, been highlighted as "the" food of the future. Increasingly we are seeing seaweed in major retailers and mainstream brands. This is due to the many functional benefits offered from seaweed ingredients, and the fact seaweed ingredients are on-trend as a natural, sustainable wholefood.


GeeSeaNutra® is a natural, whole-food, organic, proprietary milled seaweed, sourced from the pristine sea lochs of the Scottish Outer Hebrides. It is supplied by our partner Seaweed & Co., and produced to sustainable and high quality standards using distinct techniques and technologies, and accredited by an expert panel. To learn more, visit our dedicated page or contact us.