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Boost Vitamin D levels after Summer with our Organic &Vegan Source

During the summer, the body can convert sunlight from just few minutes of daily exposure into good amounts of vitamin D. While summer tan may last into October and November, the vitamin D synthesized throughout the summer is often not sufficient to compensate.  

Certain foods are high in vitamin D, however, you would require to eat large amounts to achieve the recommended daily allowance. That is why supplementation plays an important role.


What makes our Vitamin D different from other sources?

Our natural vitamin D is a highly concentrated, organic certified, vegan source of vitamin D derived from mushrooms. And not only that: it is "wholefood" powder that provides a pure and solvent-free source of vitamin D2, with all of the nutritional benefits found in mushrooms, including an interesting amino-acid profile and other nutrients (information available on request).

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