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Naticol® marine collagen – Simple ways to supplement your active life

Type 1 collagen is the most frequently (occurring) collagen in the body and as we get older our body loses the ability to rebuild it.  According to research, supplementing the diet with collagen can have significant benefits in many areas, one of these is joint health.  
Due to the demands upon the collagen-containing structures (movement and bearing weight) and the slower joint ability to repair, collagen might be vital to optimize the conditions that contribute to the maintenance of joint mobility. The results of oral ingestion of Naticol® on a daily basis, show that regular intake of Naticol® fish collagen peptides should improve the musculoskeletal condition.
Typically taken as a tablet or capsule, there is a growing interest in consuming your daily requirement in a beverage form.  We are now able to offer collagen as a blend with flavours and sweeteners (to your requirement) which can be used in a ready form for your Instant drink (powder) or RTD.  Optimised for excellent flavour characteristics our blends offer a simple route to product formulation for this growing sector.
Naticol® is a type I fish collagen peptide, produced by enzymatic hydrolysis. Gee Lawson is the European distributor for UK, Ireland, Benelux and Italy. For more information, please visit our dedicated Naticol® page or contact us