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Vitafiber™ IMO: The Sweet Side of Fibre

VitaFiber™ is a natural sweetener with the functionality of a soluble dietary fibre. It is high purity isomalto-oligosaccharide (IMO) made by patented enzymatic conversion of starch.

Some of the Key Benefits of VitaFiber™ are:

-  Naturaly rich in fibre

-  27 years of research

-  60% sweetness level of sugar (~2.0kcal)

-  Digestive health benefits &  high tolerance level

-  Stable from pH 2-9 and up to 160°C

-  Vegan, gluten-free, allergen-free, Kosher & Halal

VitaFiber™ IMO is an approved Novel Food ingredient that can be used in baked goods & baking mixes, nutritional bars, sport nutrition powders, meal replacements, functional foods and snacks, sugar substitutes, beverages (pre-mix powders and liquids), confectionary, dairy (including frozen desserts and mixes) and syrups and toppings.

Available as a powder and syrup, VitaFiber™ IMO is a recent addition to the Gee Lawson range of ingredients, distributed in Europe by LEHVOSS. To learn more about VitaFiberTM, visit our dedicated page or contact us.

Boswellia: Did you know that….

Most of the standard Boswellia extracts are not standardized to specific levels of Boswellic acids by validated methods. And if they are,  the concentration of the Boswellic acids in most of the cases is quite low.

Many finished products containing Boswellia extract state “65% Boswellic acids”. However, this should actually be labeled as “65% Organic acids” since the method typically used to get to the 65% is “Titration” and does not give the breakdown of the Boswellic acids, which is done via HPLC. This was a big issue in the US over a decade ago where many food supplement companies had to change their labels to mention either “Organic acids” or “Boswellic acids as Organic acids” since the method of testing was Titration.

WokVel® is standardized to minimum 40% Boswellic acids via HPLC and it is a sum of six individual Boswellic acids. It is a natural, clinically backed botanical ingredient that is known to support joint health by targeting the 5-lipoxygense pathway.

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Product Highlight: Evaporated Coconut Water Powder (High Potassium)

A great, natural source of potassium,  this new coconut water powder is processed thanks to a proprietary evaporation, milling and blending process.

The powder is 100% cold water soluble and vegan, with no added ingredients. The Potassium content is minimum 6000mg per 100g (on specification).

The delicate “fresh coconut” flavor and aroma makes it an ideal ingredient for ready to drink sachets, liquid shots, superfood blends, sport powders and other interesting applications where solubility and good taste are key.


Visit our dedicated page or contact us to learn more.

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Epicor®: the ideal ingredient for your cold & flu supplement line.

EpiCor® is a clinically researched whole-food fermentate shown to support the immune system for better overall health. The first study on EpiCor® and cold/flu symptoms was a randomized double-blind placebo-controlled human clinical trial. It was performed over a twelve week period during the major cold and flu season. 116 healthy subjects participated in the study and they had not been vaccinated for the influenza virus that season. The group taking 500mg of EpiCor® daily had a reduced incidence of cold and flu symptoms compared to the placebo group.

A second study was conducted by the same research group. It was also a randomized double-blind placebo-controlled human clinical trial performed over the same twelve week period during the major cold and flu season in South Dakota. However, for this study the 116 healthy subjects were vaccinated for that season’s influenza virus. Again, the non-placebo group took 500 mg EpiCor® once daily. For this study, not only was the incidence of colds and flu for the EpiCor® group lower compared to the placebo group but, the symptoms they exhibited had a reduced duration.

Because both of these studies were conducted concurrently by the same group with identical protocols, the data from both studies can be combined and shows that over the 12 week study period, there was a 26% reduction in days with cold and flu symptoms for the EpiCor® group compared to the placebo group.

Furthermore, another clinical trial showed evidence that EpiCor® starts to work within two hours.

To learn more about EpiCor® and download all the clinical evidence mentioned above, please visit our dedicated page or contact us for more information.

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Research Highlight: Longvida® & Exercise-Induced Muscle Damage (EIMD)

Exercise-Induced Muscle Damage (EIMD) and delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) impact subsequent training sessions and activities of daily living (ADL) even in active individuals. In sedentary or diseased individuals, EIMD and DOMS may be even more pronounced and present even in the absence of structured exercise.

The purpose of this study published in 2016 was to determine the effects of oral curcumin supplementation (Longvida® 400 mg/day) on muscle & ADL soreness, creatine kinase (CK), and inflammatory cytokines. Subjects (N=28) were randomly assigned to either curcumin (400mg/day) or placebo (rice flour) and supplemented 2 days before to 4 days after EMID.

Collectively, the findings demonstrated that consumption of curcumin reduced biological inflammation during recovery after EIMD. The observed improvements in biological inflammation may translate to faster recovery and improved functional capacity during subsequent exercise sessions. Full study can be downloaded here.

To learn more about Longvida® please visit our dedicated page or contact us.

Ester-C®: Did you know…

Ester-C® Calcium Ascorbate -Threonate was discovered back in the early 80s, when its inventor, an ever-curious doctor and scientist set out on a quest for the first stomach-friendly Vitamin. The result of his research is what we know today as Ester-C®, a unique form of Vitamin C.

Clinical studies show that Ester-C® increases vitamin C levels in white blood cells, which are essential part of the immune system. Ester-C® stays in the body longer than regular vitamin C, up to 24 hours. The naturally occurring metabolites in the formula are the reason why it lasts longer than generic Vitamin C.

Ester-C® is designed to be non-acidic which means it has a neutral pH. In one of the clinical trials, people who were generally sensitive to acidic foods were given either Ester-C® or ascorbic acid. These results demonstrated that Ester-C® was easier on the stomach than ascorbic acid.

Ester-C® is approved by EFSA on Annex II and therefore allowed for use in food supplements. All the EFSA Claims for Vitamin C can be used for Ester-C®, with the benefits and advantages of this patented ingredient.

To download all the clinical studies and learn more, please visit our dedicated  Ester-C® page or contact us. Please remember to login as a registered customer before accessing the page.

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New botanicals added to the Gee Lawson ingredients range

Thanks to our recent partnership with NatIng, we have started to add new ingredients to our botanical range as well as improve the quality and price competitiveness on others. We can offer Cranberry, Rosehip, Golden Rod, Thyme, Echinacea, Acerola and more. These ingredients are all produced under strict EU quality parameters with full traceability, control of the supply chain and production cycle by NatIng.

NatIng’s partnership allows us to offer over 100 standard botanical ingredients and among them, some very special ingredient’s lines with functional carriers such as spelt and buckwheat, instead of maltodextrin. This allows us to support customer’s requirements with additional health benefits to standard botanical extracts.

NatIng’s point of distinction starts in the geographical provenance: their key Mediterranean extracts (rosemary, artichoke, rocket, origan, sage, olive, among others)  are harvested in the beautiful Mediterranean Island Sardinia, where they own and fully control their fields. We can also offer customized solutions to meet specific customer’s requirements, although minimum order requirements may apply depending on the case.

Download our NatIng Product Profile Sheet to learn more about the botanical range or contact us for a quote.

Campaign “Waves Zero Plastic” by Golden Omega

Last September around 250 volunteers participated in a cleaning activity at the Mouth of the River San José in Arica (Chile), which is the habitat of sea turtles currently in danger of extinction. The activity was part of the Campaign “Olas Zero Plástico” (Waves Zero Plastic), an initiative promoted by Golden Omega in association with Plastic Pollution Coalition, an international alliance for the protection of the environment.

Under the slogan "Let's take care of the beaches of Arica", “Olas Zero Plástico” seeks to raise awareness of the detrimental impact caused by the plastic waste on the marine fauna, as well as promoting recycling and cleaning. "Our company has a permanent commitment to protect the environment which is reaffirmed by this campaign. As neighbors of Arica, we feel that it is our duty to preserve the purity and life of our seas and alert the local community about the problem, how it affects other parts of the world today, and how we can work together to prevent this in our coasts" commented Jorge Brahm, Managing Director of Golden Omega.

We invite you to be part of this cause. Please watch thefollowing video and spread the word around. To learn about Golden Omega, please visit our dedicated page or contact us.

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Age-defining Eye Saviors: A new clinical study of XanMax®

A randomized, double blind, placebo controlled, parallel study has been recently conducted for a duration of 180 days in elderly volunteers. Statistically significant results demonstrated that  XanMax® supports healthy macula through deposition of optimal levels of carotenoid pigments.

Furthermore, the study also demonstrated that the formulation was safe and well tolerated when administrated orally. Details of this study can be found in a new White Paper, available for download here.

XanMax® is an innovative formulation of Zeaxanthin in combination with Lutein which is available from natural Marigold flowers.  XanMax® is part of the Geelawson range of speciality ingredients, exclusively distributed in all Europe by LEHVOSS Nutrition. For further information, please visit our dedicated page or contact us.