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Our News Alerts will resume from Friday 8th of September 2017 with new interesing articles and product updates. Happy Summer Break!


New Vegan List from Gee Lawson

Over the last 5 years in Europe, there have been more than 3000 food supplement launches stating on their labels their suitability for vegans, and the trend for vegan products seems to be increasing year after year. The United Kingdom is the country with most vegan food supplement launches, followed by Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Finland, Ireland and Denmark. One third of the product launches belong to the “Health and Wellness” category and, quite interestingly, we found on our search very few vegan product launches aimed to women’s health, pregnancy and children (Innova Market Insights, 2017).


In view of the increasing trends and demands form our customers, we have collated a Vegan List, containing all our approved ingredients suitable for dietary vegans. Click here to download the list or contact us to learn more.  

NEW: Organic Certified Chlorella Tablets

We can now offer Chorella in 500mg round shape tablets. This finished product  is organic certified and comes in 1kg packs ( aprox. 2000 units). Stock in UK (please check availability with your sales representative).  Buy a high-quality, EU-approved finished product, with the peace of mind that you are leaving the manufacturing to us and our reliable partners. Click here for more information. Ask for a sample and quotation now.  

We also offer Chlorella Powder and Organic Spirulina in both powder and tablet versions. Furthermore, discover GeeSeaNutra®, a proprietary milled organic seaweed, sourced from the pristine waters of the Scottish Outer Hebrides. Various grades available, click here for more information. Contact us to learn more.

Product highlight: Organic Natural Niacin

Niacin (Vitamin B3 or Nicotinic Acid) is known to contribute to normal energy-yielding metabolism and normal functioning of the nervous system and psychological functions. It also contributes to the maintenance of normal skin and to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue (*). There are many different sources of Niacin on the market, but when it comes to natural and organic certified we can offer an interesting option.


Orgen-N® is natural, organic certified Niacin, with the added phytonutrients from Holy Basil. Commonly known as Tulsi, Holy Basil comes from India and it is commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine as an "adaptogen" to pledge life's stresses. Tulsi means "the incomparable one" and it is considered a sacred plant. The proprietary and patented manufacturing process to made Orgen-N® uses only pure water and no synthetic solvents.

To learn more about the Orgen-N® and our plant-based vitamins and minerals range, visit our dedicated page or contact us.

(*) EFSA Approved Health Claims.

Nearly a 1000 supplements around the World contain Ester-C. What makes it better?

Ester-C® is Calcium Ascorbate-Threonate, a unique, exclusive form of vitamin C. It is made using a proprietary, water-based manufacturing process that results in a pH neutral product containing naturally occurring vitamin C metabolites. These metabolites, such as threonate, provide quick absorption and better retention in cells. Ester-C® is buffered with calcium to neutralize its pH, making it stomach friendly and therefore resulting in significantly fewer adverse effects and stomach complaints compared with standard ascorbic acid. Scientific research is available by visiting our dedicated Ester-C® product page.


Market Trends for Ester-C®

Looking at the trends for this branded ingredient over the last 5 years in the Food Supplement, Sports Nutrition and Pet Food Industries Worldwide, we can see that more and more brands are looking into developing a finished product formula containing Ester-C®  with a 300% growth in product launches in 2016 compared to 2012. Ester-C® is primarily used in stand-alone vitamin products or in combination with other vitamins and minerals. It is also used in sports powders and sport supplements,  food supplements with glucosamine, antioxidant formulas or in special finished food supplement products for women and pet food.

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Try the Natural Fermented Coenzyme Q10 from Gee Lawson

Our Coenzyme Q10 is obtained by natural fermentation and meets the European Pharmacopoeia. It is free from allergens, suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans, and free from BSE/TSE. It also complies with EC/1881/2006 on Melamine.

This is one of our core ingredients which we plan to hold in stock on normal basis. Over the years, we have built a strong partnership with the manufacturer which allow us to have full control of the raw material production and access to the most updated market information. 

Click here to visit our Coenzyme Q10 product page or contact us. Please remember to log in as a registered user in order to have download the technical information on the product page.

Boost Vitamin D levels after Summer with our Organic &Vegan Source

During the summer, the body can convert sunlight from just few minutes of daily exposure into good amounts of vitamin D. While summer tan may last into October and November, the vitamin D synthesized throughout the summer is often not sufficient to compensate.  

Certain foods are high in vitamin D, however, you would require to eat large amounts to achieve the recommended daily allowance. That is why supplementation plays an important role.


What makes our Vitamin D different from other sources?

Our natural vitamin D is a highly concentrated, organic certified, vegan source of vitamin D derived from mushrooms. And not only that: it is "wholefood" powder that provides a pure and solvent-free source of vitamin D2, with all of the nutritional benefits found in mushrooms, including an interesting amino-acid profile and other nutrients (information available on request).

Visit our dedicated page or contact us for more information.

Welcome to Rita Sandvik: New Sales Manager for Scandinavia

"Born in Leipzig, Germany, I studied in Germany, Portugal and England. My husband is Finnish so in the Summer 2015 I moved to Finland. I am based in a small town called Seinäjoki in Western Finland and I am your contact person for all Scandinavian countries.

I speak German, English and Finnish fluently and I am currently learning Swedish. In my free time I like to spend time outdoors. I am an active member of Junior Chamber International. During the long and dark Finnish winter nights I enjoy sewing"

Since she joined us, Rita has spent great part of her time introducing herself to our existing customers in Scandinavia.  

If you haven't had the opportunity to meet her yet and want to discuss our current offer and new products, you can arrange an appointment now by simply following this This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Researchers have taken a closer look at Longvida® and discovered...

Researchers at Central Michigan University have taken a closer look at Longvida® Optimized Curcumin. Previously, these researchers conducted amyloid binding work in vitro with promising results1. Recently published, in the International Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, Maiti P et al have compared standard, unformulated curcumin more closely to Longvida®.  The present study, “was designed to compare the neuroprotective effects of unformulated curcumin (95% curcumin equivalent to 80% free curcumin) and/or SLCP™ curcumin (Longvida® with 20% free curcumin), in vitro after exposure to Aβ42.”


Maiti and team brought a fresh perspective to the question: how does Longvida’s free curcumin compare to unformulated free curcumin? With that in mind, the results are even more exciting to see: Longvida’s free curcumin outperformed the unformulated 80% free curcumin in all tested parameters. Longvida® showed greater permeability than 80% in vitro, decreased reactive oxygen species (ROS) production, and prevented apoptic death.2

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OptiMSM® Immune Support & Bone Health for Long-Term Training

Athletes undergoing intense training sessions must address immune health if they hope to recover fully and effectively. Faster recovery and fewer setbacks allow athletes and active individuals of all ages to continue with their training routines and ultimately receive the most benefits. One recent study on OptiMSM®, demonstrated MSM can support immune health after exhaustive training1.


In the study, a group of physically active men supplemented with either placebo or 3 g/d of MSM for 28 days. The men performed 100 repetitions of eccentric knee extension exercise each day after supplementation. Results indicated MSM may diminish the release of inflammatory molecules after exercise, which then gives cells a greater capacity to respond appropriately to additional stimulus following exercise.


OptiMSM® is Informed-Sport® Certified.  Informed-Sport® is a certification that shows ingredients are free from banned substances, therefore confirming that OptiMSM® is a safe choice for sport.  To learn more, please visit our OptiMSM® dedicated page or contact us.



1. Van der Merwe, M.; Bloomer, R.J. The influence of methylsulfonylmethane on inflammation-associated cytokine release before and following strenuous exercise. J. Sports Med. 2016, 2016, 7498359.