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GlucosaGreen®: The vegan range of glucosamine salts

GlucosaGreen® is an environmentally friendly, vegan range of glucosamine salts, produced by a high-quality, fermentation process.

GlucosaGreen® is a convenient and sustainable alternative to shellfish glucosamine. The direct fermentation process to produce GlucosaGreen® generates significantly less wastewater and only 2% of the solid waste compared to chitin glucosamine manufacturing. Furthermore, a chitin-free supply chain provides price stability and full traceability.

GlucosaGreen® is part of the Geelawson range of speciality ingredients offered by LEHVOSS Nutrition and comes in various grades: Glucosamine Sulphate 2KCl, Glucosamine HCl and N-Acetyl-D Glucosamine.

Download here our brand-new product profile sheet and visit our GlucosaGreen® dedicated page to download tecnical information (please log in as registered user to have access to the documentation). Contact us to learn more.

Appethyl®: Appetite suppressant from spinach

Appethyl® is an all-natural, patented and safe ingredient from spinach, clinically proven to act as an appetite suppressant.

Appethyl® has been clinically-tested to show numerous benefits including significant reduction of hunger and cravings by slowing down digestion. Furthermore, a recent study shows that the reduction in hedonic hunger, which we often refer to as craving for sugar and unhealthy foods, is a particular strong effect of thylakoids: the main active compound in Appethyl®. Appethyl® is made 100% from spinach, carefully processed to preserve all its benefits and in particular thylakoids.

Would you like to learn more about this innovative ingredient? Download here our brand-new product profile sheet or visit our dedicated product page. Contact us to learn more

Appethyl is now part of the Gee Lawson range of ingredients, distributed by LEHVOSS Nutrition in Italy, France, Spain, UK and Ireland. 

Reduce Sugar. Add Fibre. Use VitaFiber™ IMO

VitaFiber™ IMO is a plant-based food ingredient made from tapioca or pea starches and belongs to the special group of carbohydrates called oligosaccharides. This makes VitaFiber™ IMO naturally sweet with the functionality of a fibre.

In addition to its health benefits, VitaFiber™ IMO provides considerable functional benefits: sugar \ replacement, excellent binder, good humectant, bulking agent – increasing satiety, wide range of pH tolerance (pH 2.0-9.0) and high temperature tolerance (160ºC), browning effect, 100% soluble etc.

VitaFiber™ IMO is an EU approved Novel Food Ingredient that has a great functional and sensory profile, making it is easy to formulate.

With more than 27 years’ research, VitaFiber™ IMO has been successfully used in baked goods and baking mixes, nutritional bars, sport nutrition powders, meal replacements, functional foods and snacks, sugar substitutes, beverages pre-mixes and liquids, confectionary, dairy and syrups and toppings.

VitaFiber™ IMO is part of the Gee Lawson range of ingredients, distributed in Europe by LEHVOSS Group.

Come to see us at Vitafoods 2019


Innovation is in the spirit of everything we do. That is why we look forward to present at Vitafoods 2019 the latest research on Longvida®, Pomella® and OptiMSM® as well as new interesting combinations with EpiCor® and scientifically proven strains of probiotics.

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LEHVOSS celebrates 125 years of Innovation with a New Brand Message

We LuV it” is the new brand message from the LEHVOSS Company.  On the occasion of the company’s 125th anniversary this year, LEHVOSS is conveying the passion for excellence throughout every division of the Group with the importance of customer relationships, as core elements of the brand.

Alongside their know-how, the quality and technical competence which the Group achieves in all its’ business units, the LEHVOSS brand identity and communication shifts the focus to the closeness to customers, partners and employees, as well as the passion for work.

Please watch this short video, which  gives you an overview of all the key business sectors the GROUP covers across the world.

Golden Omega: "Plastic Awareness" Summer

Golden Omega's commitment to preserve the purity and life of the South Pacific continues.

During this summer in the Southern Hemisphere, Golden Omega, as a part of their campaign "Waves Zero Plastic",  has carried out  a number of educational activities on the beaches of Arica (Chile), in order to raise awareness about plastic pollution,  a problem that affects different parts of the World which Golden Omega wants to prevent on the local coasts. Be part of the campaign by simply sharing the following video.

Golden Omega Fish Oils are high quality Omega3 concentrates up to 75% of EPA and DHA obtained from sustainable sources in South America. Golden Omega facilities are located in the north of Chile close to Corpesca’s fish oil plants. For more information, please visit our dedicated page or contact us.

Come and visit us! Stand D05


Interesting facts about our Omega-3 Concentrates

Our partner Golden Omega is the only producer of Omega 3 concentrates strategically located in the middle of the richest fishing ground for anchovy in the world (South Pacific Ocean).

The Anchovy (Engraulis Ringens) is a cold water fish which lives in the South Pacific Ocean, in front of the Peruvian and North Chilean waters. This part of the Ocean is regularly visited by the Humboldt Current coming from the Antarctic which makes it very rich in nutrients.

Anchovies from the South Pacific Ocean naturally contain a high level of EPA and DHA (normally around 25-30%) in their fat, and live a very short life (around 15 to 18 months) compared to other fish species and therefore accumulate less contaminants or heavy metals naturally present in the waters.

Golden Omega Fish Oil Concentrates are Orivo Certified as “Pure Anchovy from the South Pacific”, in addition to a sustainability certification (Friend of the Sea) which guarantees that the fishing is strictly controlled under quota systems and the biomass has remained very stable along the years.

To learn more, visit our dedicated Golden Omega product page or contact us.

OptiMSM® and Suphur: Nature's Beauty Mineral

MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) is a rich source of sulphur (34% by weight) and a key component of collagen that supports the skin’s structural framework. It is also a building block of keratin, the main structural constituent of hair and nails.

 In recent years, Bergstrom Nutrition, the manufacturers of OptiMSM® has employed the most cutting-edge technology to research how OptiMSM®® works to support healthy, younger skin. Findings have demonstrated that OptiMSM®® may reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin texture and elasticity and provide overall support to the structural integrity of the skin. Furthermore OptiMSM® benefits may also help the skin, hair and nails to regain and retain a more youthful appearance, with only 1 gram daily (study awaiting for publication). A brief overview of the finding of this recent reseach can be downloaded here.

OptiMSM® is a USA made, 99.9% pure, consistent and high-quality form of MSM, backed by extensive scientific and toxicological data and more than 30 years’ experience. To learn more, please visit our dedicated page or contact us.

Product Highlight: Ester-C®

Ester-C® Calcium Ascorbate -Threonate was discovered back in the early 80s, when its inventor, an ever-curious doctor and scientist set out on a quest for the first stomach-friendly Vitamin. The result of his research is what we know today as Ester-C®, a unique form of Vitamin C.

Clinical studies show that Ester-C® increases vitamin C levels in white blood cells, which are essential part of the immune system. Ester-C® stays in the body longer than regular vitamin C, up to 24 hours. The naturally occurring metabolites in the formula are the reason why it lasts longer than generic Vitamin C. Ester-C® has neutral pH, therefore designed to be non-acidic so it can be taken all year long and in a variety of application and formats. All the EFSA Claims for Vitamin C can be used for Ester-C®, with the benefits and advantages of this patented ingredient.

To download all the clinical studies and learn more, please visit our dedicated  Ester-C® page or contact us. Please remember to login as a registered customer before accessing the page.

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