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Age-defining Eye Saviors: A new clinical study of XanMax®

A randomized, double blind, placebo controlled, parallel study has been recently conducted for a duration of 180 days in elderly volunteers. Statistically significant results demonstrated that  XanMax® supports healthy macula through deposition of optimal levels of carotenoid pigments.

Furthermore, the study also demonstrated that the formulation was safe and well tolerated when administrated orally. Details of this study can be found in a new White Paper, available for download here.

XanMax® is an innovative formulation of Zeaxanthin in combination with Lutein which is available from natural Marigold flowers.  XanMax® is part of the Geelawson range of speciality ingredients, exclusively distributed in all Europe by LEHVOSS Nutrition. For further information, please visit our dedicated page or contact us.

Bioneutra ranked one of Canada’s fastest growing companies

Bioneutra, our Partner for Vitafiber™ IMO, has been ranked one of Canada’s fastest growing companies by Canadian Business & Maclean’s magazines, with revenue growth of 1,378%. The magazines have positioned BioNeutra in the top 60 companies in Canada and number 1 in Edmonton. The ranking is the country’s most definitive list of the fastest growing businesses in Canada.

For LEHVOSS, this is a clear sign of foresight, innovation and smart management. We are very proud to be representing Vitafiber® IMO, Bioneutra’s lead ingredient, across Europe.

VitaFiber™ IMO is a healthy low-calorie sweetener and dietary fiber, designed to specifically help with two of the world’s growing health problems - weight management and digestive health. Vitafiber™ IMO is approved as a Novel Food Ingredient in Europe for the following applications: nutritional bars, confectionary, chocolates, baked goods, beverages and dairy. With the increase trends for functional foods aimed to deliver healthy alternatives to consumers, Vitafiber™ IMO represents an innovative, natural and clean label opportunity for product innovation. To learn more about Vitafiber™ IMO, please visit our dedicated page or contact us for more information.

HAPLEX®Plus Hyaluronic Acid: New White Paper

HAPLEX®Plus is a high purity, scientifically proven, food grade Sodium Hyaluronate. The ingredient it is manufactured by Bloomage Freda, the largest Sodium Hyaluronate manufacturer in the world, with more than 20 years’ experience.

Clinical research on HAPLEX®Plus shows improvements in skin elasticity, degenerative osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. Available in two versions, low molecular and high molecular weight, HAPLEX®Plus  has very good solubility and therefore it is suitable for softgels, hard capsules, tablets, gummies and liquid formulations.

Download here the new HAPLEX®Plus White Paper to learn more.

HAPLEX®Plus is part of the Gee Lawson range of branded ingredients, available in all Europe (except for Spain) from LEHVOSS Nutrition. Cosmetic grade is also available through our Personal Care division.

Golden Omega's Commitment to Renewable Energy

LEHVOSS is proud to announce that Golden Omega S.A., our partner for fish oil concentrates, has recently signed a long-term renewable energy supply contract with local Chilean power generator Colbún S.A. The agreement, already effective, will run until the end of 2022 and requires Golden Omega to ensure a “zero-emission” power supply for their next four years of operations.

"Golden Omega maintains a firm commitment to the environment in which nowadays it is important to have a renewable energy supply. From Arica, Chile, we export our Omega 3 concentrates worldwide to supply nutraceutical and pharmaceutical companies. Our customers will certainly value the sustainability of our operations", commented Jorge Brahm, Managing Director of Golden Omega.

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Glucosamine: New Industry Guidance level for Food Supplements in United Kingdom

Following a Court of Appeal Judgment in 2016, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) in UK started a review of the classification of glucosamine containing products (GCPs), which included commissioning consumer research to understand how and why they are used.

After reviewing the level at which GCPs have a pharmacological effect on the body and evaluating why people use GCPs, MHRA has determined that GCPs, with a level of base glucosamine equal to or greater than 1178mg/day, will now be considered to be medicines. On the basis that 1500mg Glucosamine Sulphate or 1178mg Glucosamine (base) is seen as a ‘pharmacological dose’, a food supplement must provide a level which is below this and therefore has a health maintenance rather than pharmacological function.

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Let's meet at Natural Products Scandinavia!


Rita Sandvik, our Sales Manager for Scandinavia , will attend Natural Products Scandinavia (14-15th November, Malmo) and I love me (19th of October, Helsinki).

If you plan to exhibit or visit those shows and would like to arrange a meeting to discuss our product range, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We look forward to meet you there!

To download our full core product list click here.

Epicor® in Brief

Discover al the benefits and science behind Epicor in this two-minute video!


epicor watch the video








Specially for you: New report from Innova.

This month at IFT18 in Chicago, Innova presented an interesting report about the opportunities for plant based ingredients.  This is something we are happy to share with you, thanks to our partnership with Innova Market Insights.

Plant-based innovation continues to flourish and growing consumer interest in health, sustainability and ethics are making plant-derived ingredients and products more popular. Mindful choices are driving plant innovation worldwide and a broader range or alternatives are becoming available beyond the classic categories, not only in the food sector but also in functional foods and food supplements.

Active botanicals are benefiting from their “healthy halo”. Clean label solutions to colour products are being offered to differentiate and capture the attention of consumers. Social media in general plays an important role communicating innovation.  To discover more, click here to download a summary of the report “Plant based: Eating Green IFT 2018”. Please remember to login as a registered Gee Lawson website user before accessing the link.

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Botanical extracts with functional carriers? Discover our offer

Latest research on XanMax shows promising results on Eye Health. 

Research Highlight: Pomella®

Pomella® found most potent antioxidant among dietary supplements.

A 2014 study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry (Henning et al.) showed Pomella® ranked highest in antioxidant activity across a number of assays including ORAC, TEAC, FRAP and DPPH, compared to 26 other antioxidant products.  Pomegranate supplements (Pomella®) with the highest content of punicalagins showed high antioxidant activity, whereas those high in ellagic acid showed the lowest. Click here to download the full study.

Cardio-metabolic health

Two clinical studies (Goyal R et al.,2016) showed significant improvements in cardiovascular and metabolic health, respectively, with administration of 300 mg / Pomella twice daily for 30-days as an adjunct therapy. In the first study, significant improvements were seen in biomedical parameters such as HDL, OX-LDL, serum homocysteine, hs-CRP, and others. The same researchers showed especially significant decreases in blood glucose and HbA1c compared to baseline in the second study. Both studies are available for download in our dedicated pomella product page.

Would you like to learn more about Pomella®? Download here our product profile sheet to have a quick overview of the ingredient. Contact us to learn more.

Epicor®: Immune Benefits in a 500mg daily dose

Combining 8 human clinical and 7 preclinical trials, EpiCor® is a natural fermentate, clinically shown to strengthen the immune system and support gut health.


EpiCor® is comprised of proteins, fibre, polyphenols, vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, beta-glucans and other nutrients that work together to strengthen the immune and digestive systems. When taken daily, EpiCor® is a safe and effective way to naturally support the immune and digestive systems for better health.

Discover the biochemical markers behind all the health benefits of EpiCor® by downloading the Scientific Paper here.

Watch our new video for a quick overview on some of our suggestions for immune health.