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Researchers have taken a closer look at Longvida® and discovered...

Researchers at Central Michigan University have taken a closer look at Longvida® Optimized Curcumin. Previously, these researchers conducted amyloid binding work in vitro with promising results1. Recently published, in the International Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, Maiti P et al have compared standard, unformulated curcumin more closely to Longvida®.  The present study, “was designed to compare the neuroprotective effects of unformulated curcumin (95% curcumin equivalent to 80% free curcumin) and/or SLCP™ curcumin (Longvida® with 20% free curcumin), in vitro after exposure to Aβ42.”


Maiti and team brought a fresh perspective to the question: how does Longvida’s free curcumin compare to unformulated free curcumin? With that in mind, the results are even more exciting to see: Longvida’s free curcumin outperformed the unformulated 80% free curcumin in all tested parameters. Longvida® showed greater permeability than 80% in vitro, decreased reactive oxygen species (ROS) production, and prevented apoptic death.2

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OptiMSM® Immune Support & Bone Health for Long-Term Training

Athletes undergoing intense training sessions must address immune health if they hope to recover fully and effectively. Faster recovery and fewer setbacks allow athletes and active individuals of all ages to continue with their training routines and ultimately receive the most benefits. One recent study on OptiMSM®, demonstrated MSM can support immune health after exhaustive training1.


In the study, a group of physically active men supplemented with either placebo or 3 g/d of MSM for 28 days. The men performed 100 repetitions of eccentric knee extension exercise each day after supplementation. Results indicated MSM may diminish the release of inflammatory molecules after exercise, which then gives cells a greater capacity to respond appropriately to additional stimulus following exercise.


OptiMSM® is Informed-Sport® Certified.  Informed-Sport® is a certification that shows ingredients are free from banned substances, therefore confirming that OptiMSM® is a safe choice for sport.  To learn more, please visit our OptiMSM® dedicated page or contact us.



1. Van der Merwe, M.; Bloomer, R.J. The influence of methylsulfonylmethane on inflammation-associated cytokine release before and following strenuous exercise. J. Sports Med. 2016, 2016, 7498359.

Lehmann&Voss&Co awarded for innovative leadership

Lehmann&Voss&Co. KG,  was one of the participants to this year’s group of innovation leaders among German mid-size companies. At the 24th award ceremony on the 23rd of June 2017 in Essen Ranga Yogeshwar, Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke and Compamedia honored the Company with the TOP-100 trophy, in the category “Innovation Success”.


A strong business asset for LEHVOSS Group is the production of Customized Polymer Materials, which innovation strength impressed the judges of the TOP – 100. In this area, materials with specific properties are developed and produced helping customers to achieve performance advantages for products and parts that could not be achieved with traditional processes and materials.


"We feel honored that our commitment to innovation throughout our Company has been awarded and that we are now part of the innovation elite of Germany’s mid-size companies.” says Dr. Thomas Oehmichen, one of the Group’s managing partners. “We are proud to benefit from this dynamic attitude and feel well prepared to continue bringing innovations to the plastics industry.“ adds  Dr. Alexander Sunder, Global Director of the business unit Customized Polymer Materials.

What is Orgen-C?

Orgen-C® is an Organic Certified, Natural Vitamin C (50% by HPLC) from Amla fruit. This branded ingredient is produced by our partner Orgenetics, thanks to a patented  water extraction process that allows a high concentration of Vitamin-C in the product, alongside all the natural co-factors and co-nutrients. No synthetic Vitamin C has been added to this ingredient, which is also is free from chemicals, pesticides and solvent residues.

Please visit our Orgen-C® dedicated page ® dedicated page to learn more about the ingredient. There are also other plant-derived vitamins and minerals available from the Orgenetics' range. Discover more by clicking here or contact us for more information.

Back to Basics: OptiMSM®

For more than 25 years, OptiMSM® has set the quality standard for methylsulfonylmethane in dietary supplements, skin care, performance nutrition, and more.

Both consumers and formulators highly value this branded ingredient for its consistent purity, quality, and physical characteristics. These are achieved through a precise manufacturing process that allows OptiMSM® to meet the most stringent product specifications and customer expectations. Studies substantiate OptiMSM® benefits in: joint health, sports nutrition, skin & beauty, healthy aging and immune support.


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Are you buying the right Choline?

Some of the choline ingredients on the market might be less expensive than others because they are in the DL form rather than L form. Under the name choline bitartrate we can find L-Choline Bitartrate (USP-NF, FCC, DAB10) and DL -Choline Bitartrate. But there are differences between them.

DL -Choline Bitartrate should not be used in pharma or food applications although the price is normally more attractive. Studies have that shown the DL-form has nefrotoxic effects (1).

In Europe, according to the CODEX and European Union, only L-Choline Bitartrate is allowed because it is mentioned in DAB and in the USP monograph. The DL form does not comply with these monographs. Moreover, according to the FDA, L-Choline Bitartrate is considered GRAS affirmed (21CFR182.8250_2010) but not the DL-form.

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Golden Omega: New Corporate Branding & More

CaptureGoldenONewVideoFor Golden Omega, innovation is part of the future. Watch this video and unveil the new Golden Omega corporate image and… more. 


Golden Omega Fish Oils are high quality Omega3 concentrates up to 750mg/g EPA + DHA combined, obtained from sustainable sources in South America. Visit our dedicated page and download our product profile sheet, containing their most updated product list. Please remember to login as a registered customer. Contact us for more information.


We are the appointed distributors for UK & Ireland, Scandinavia, Poland and Italy.

New from Gee Lawson: Epicor 500mg Capsules

We can now offer Epicor® as finished bulk hard gel capsules. You can now benefit from this branded, scientifically proven ingredient, in a transparent, HPMC “0” capsule with 3 years’ shelf life. Our standard packing size is 20,000 capsules and the minimum order quantity is 100,000 capsules. Our finished capsules contain 100% Epicor® with no excipients and fillers.


EpiCor® is a clinically researched Saccharomyces cerevisiae fermentate, cultured using Saccharum officinarum extract  and shown to support the immune system for better overall health. 500mg is the clinical dose used in all the research completed on this ingredient so far. This research includes seven published human clinical trials on cold&flu, allergies and rapid response, five randomized, double-blinded placebo-controlled trials, three in vitro studies, a published article summarizing safety studies and more.


Visit our dedicated page or contact us for more information.  Gee Lawson is the exclusive Distributor for Western Europe.

New from Gee Lawson: Astapure® 4mg Vegetarian Softgel Capsules

We are pleased to announce a new addition to our antioxidants range. We can provide astaxanthin in bulk vegetarian softgel capsules, offering you a 100% vegetarian product as well as all the benefits of our high quality branded astaxanthin.  

Astapure® is eco-friendly,  thanks to the proprietary cultivation process used by Algatechnologies, which employs solar energy to achieve a high content of active ingredients, and an extremely pure astaxanthin product. Watch this interesting video and learn how Astapure®  is manufactured.

 Our minimum order quantity is as little as 30,000 units.  Our finished product is produced in Europe.

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Vitafoods Highlights: An overview of the Collagen Market

By Dr. Christelle Bonnet, Health ingredients & Innovation Development Director - Weishardt


"I found that customers are more and more familiar with collagen peptides and this year, I found they were more focused on bio-functionalities of fish collagen peptides rather than the organoleptical issues or the fish origin. Most of them had already heard about the benefits of collagen peptides on skin and joints . The effects of collagen peptides on weight management were something they knew less. Hence, they were interested to learn more.


When discussing product formulation, customers were curious about how they may be able to use and keep Naticol® biological properties in their products. They were mostly asking questions about the Naticol® dosage and temperature constraints. I had to point out to some customers producing capsules that using vitamins and minerals, they may eventually be able to reduce the dosage. I also mentioned the study with the 2.5g/day which is now finished and under statistical analysis.

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