INNOVATION using combinations with EpiCor® and Biootima™ for gut health; Pomella® and Ester-C® for antioxidant benefits; Naticol®, OptiMSM®, Ester-C®, HAPLEX®Plus for skin beauty; Longvida®  & Golden OmegaTM DHA for cognitive and many other concepts to help you with your next formulation.

INGREDIENTS obtained from carefully controlled fermentation processes, botanicals from specific geographical areas, DNA authenticated seaweed, organic certified plant extracts and fully reacted minerals are just part of our offering.

We search and offer clinically researched branded ingredients with SCIENCE, proven bioavailability, efficacy and benefits, where results, in many cases,  are published in renowned scientific magazines worldwide.


Come and see us at Vitafoods and get updated with the most recent SCIENCE behind the INGREDIENTS we offer:

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We specialise in the sourcing, technical approval, sales and marketing of trademarked ingredients & speciality raw materials for the Food Supplement, Functional Food and Animal Feed industries. Come and see us at Vitafoods!.We welcome you to our stand H20.


Discover the new ingredients and product updates we are briging to this year's show!

Wokvel watch video finalAccording to the latest trends, there is growing demand in the Food Supplement Industry for innovative natural products aiming to support joint health and sports recovery. WokVel® is a high quality, natural ingredient, that can be easily added to your formula with minimal cost impact.


Boswellia’s anti-inflammatory effects are well known, but unfortunately boswellic acids are normally poorly absorbed and highly metabolized, leading to low bioavailability. WokVel® is clinically proven to be bioavailable in humans with a single dose of 333mg per day. Further, WokVel® has supporting human clinical data substantiating the anti-inflammatory capabilities.

Our Core Product List has just been updated!. Click here to download the lastest version and learn about our current stock items(*), new active ingredients and branded raw materials. 


(*) Please contact us to check stock availability. Stock may vary on daily bases. 

A new micro-encapsulated seaweed ingredient, developed by Seaweed & Co. and distributed by Gee Lawson under the GeeSeaNutra® brand, has been shown in a study at Newcastle University’s Medical School to protect key nutrients during the stomach phase of digestion, with better release in the small intestine for potentially improved bioavailability and functionality.  


This innovative seaweed ingredient also has significantly reduced aromas and flavours as compared to standard seaweed ingredients. These near-neutral flavours mean the applications are vast across the food, beverage and nutraceutical products.

Natural source of provitamin A and a powerful antioxidant, our Natural beta-carotene is extracted from Dunaliella salina, the best source in nature of beta-carotene.
Vegetarian and Vegan. Manufactured in India by experts in the field of micro-algae technology. 
Click here to visit our dedicated page and download technical documentation or contact us for more information.  
Visit our carotenoids page to see  related ingredients. 

Our spirulina (Arthrospira platensis) is a 100% organic, high quality, safe ingredient. It is sustainably grown and processed in GMP-certified facilities in provinces in Inner Mongolia, renowned areas for good water quality, sufficient sunlight, non-polluted air and abundant natural alkaline resources.

Free from PAH's. Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans. Kosher Certified. Allergen-free. Product normally in stock (please contact us to check availability).
Go to our spirulina dedicated page and learn more. Contact us for an offer. 
Vegeetab® comes from our successful partnership with Cargill.  
Gee Lawson, aiming to be a "solutions provider", has developed an "easy to tablet" grade of Vegetarian Glucosamine HCL, helping brand companies and contract manufacturers to save time and manufacturing costs.
Go to the Vegeetab® page to learn more. Product normally in stock (please contact us to check availability)

Differences between organic and non-organic crops according to recent findings.

Scientific research has recently stated that organic crops, such as fruit, vegetables and cereals, and crop-based foods are up to 60% higher in a number of key antioxidants than non-organic crops.

A landmark paper published in the British Journal of Nutrition1 concludes there are significant differences in the nutritional content of organic and non-organic crops. The study, the largest of its kind carried out by an international team of experts and led by Newcastle University, is the most extensive analysis of the nutrient content in organic vs. non-organically produced foods ever undertaken.


Key findings by Newcastle University were:

  • Farming method affects quality: The analysis is the most extensive and reliable to date and clearly supports the view that the quality of food is influenced by the way it is produced.

  • More antioxidants: Organic crops (cereals, fruit and vegetables) have significantly higher