A recent clinical trial research has further supported the findings of Kim et al. (2006) and confirmed the benefits of extending the duration of an active treatment with MSM.

In a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial (Pagonis, 2014) subjects taking 3 grams (2x/daily) of MSM for 26 weeks experienced significant decreases in all subscales of WOMAC pain and physical index as well as improved performance of daily living as measured on the SF-36. The WOMAC subscales continued to decline at 26 weeks suggesting, according to the authors "the full effects of MSM were not entirely expressed during the planned intervention timeframe." As in the Kim et al. study, MSM benefits in OA sufferers may continue to increase well beyond the time periods studied.

Additional clinical research on combination supplements (Lubis, 2017), demonstrates that as little as 500 mg of MSM combined with glucosamine and chondroitin provides a significant reduction of pain and improvement in physical


BaCognize®  is a natural standardized extract from Bacopa monnieri. Clinical research indicates that Bacognize® may offer benefits for cognitive health linked to three major neuroprotective mechanisms; including neurotransmitter receptor (serotonin) binding activity and antioxidant capacity.


Bacopa is commonly used as an adaptogen supporting cognitive enhancement, memory, focus, attention, mood, emotional health, and stress.  BaCognize® is manufatured by Verdure Sciences, the makers of Longvida®, Pomella® and Wolvel®. It is standardized for Serotonin-Active Bacopa Glycosides (SABG).


To learn more, please visit our dedicated page or contact us. BaCognize® is part of the Gee Lawson range of branded ingredients distributed in Europe by LEHVOSS.

From the producers of Cynatine HNS® and Cynatine FLX®, we are pleased to introduce Melaline® and Melatine®. Building upon its Keratin peptide technology, our partner Kerat’Innov has developed these two keratin melanin peptide oral ingredients from a natural source: black sheep’s wool.


Melaline® has been developed as a sun beauty enhancer. A clinical study using 650mg/day during 30 days demonstrated visible results (already within 10 days) in terms of strengthening the skins natural protection against UV rays and enhancing skin coloration, thanks to the natural melanogenesis stimulation. This results in lasting and intensified tanning without the use of boosting chemical products. Melatine® is an ingredient developed to stimulate melanogenesis and increase new hair growth. A clinical study using 650mg/day during 4 months demonstrated significantly darker hair color after 60 days intake. This makes the ingredient ideal for people with grey hair.


To learn more, visit our dedicated


GeeSeaNutra’s seaweed supplier, Seaweed & Co. has formalised their world-class innovations in seaweed ingredients with a Patent Pending (GB1702881.2) relating to their unique techniques and technologies.


Having invested significantly over the past 2 years in their production systems, novel equipment and techniques, Seaweed & Co.’s Patent Pending seaweed ingredients have, in independent testing, proven higher quality on key measures as compared to other suppliers of the same species. In addition to the innovation of the Patent Pending production and supply of GeeSeaNutra®, there has been further innovation around the core seaweed ingredient.

Cynatine® is a unique form of bio-active soluble keratin peptides derived from wool, sourced from a specific breed of white sheep. Keratin plays an important natural role in maintaining the body’s structural integrity and vitality especially in hair, skin and joints.Over time the body’s natural resource of keratin diminishes and it is not easily replenished. It is therefore important to replace it with a bioavailable form of keratin that can be utilized by the body.


Gee Lawson can now offer Cynatine® FLX for joint health and Cynatine® HNS, for skin, hair and nail beauty.

Scientific research (available upon request) shows Cynatine® HNS to reduce hair loss, improve hair strength and brightness. Cynatine® HNS binds into the nail structure, providing improved strength, general appearance and natural color. It also reduces wrinkles and promotes firmness and elasticity in skin by improving the protein structure and moisture retention. Cynatine® FLX supplements the body with bioavailable keratin

Gee Lawson can offer quality Vitamin E acetate 50% powder and also Natural Vitamin E Succinate.  Both ingredients have been carefully approved by our Technical Department and are part of our stock* range, allowing us prompt delivery and competitive prices. 
So why don't you try? Contact us for an offer and, for more information, please visit our dedicated pages Vitamin E acetate 50% and Natural Vitamin E Succinate where you will be able to download our technical information.
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A big concern for horse owners is keeping their horses comfortable. A significant percentage of mature horses have some degree of joint health issues, especially performance horses. A recent scientific study using Regenasure® indicated potential for oral glucosamine HCl to positively mitigate intra-articular inflammation and influence cartilage turnover in a young growing horse model. More research is needed but these results in a live horse model are encouraging and point towards a bright future for products in the joint health category, also in pet food.


Regenasure® is a North American produced, food grade vegetarian glucosamine HCl. With rigorous management of raw material inputs, it is manufactured entirely by Cargill, in accordance with HACCP principles and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), using a patented fermentation process free from the use of organic solvents. Stock available on normal bases from Gee Lawson.


To learn more about the product please visit our Regenasure®


Saw palmetto is a fan palm that grows as a tree or shrub. It can reach heights of 3 metres in warm climates, with leaf clusters that can reach 60 cm or more. It has a creeping, horizontal growth pattern of lush, green, "saw toothed" leaves that fan out from thorny stems. In the United States, saw palmetto grows in the warm climates of the southeast coast, from South Carolina through to Florida. The plant has white flowers, which produce yellow berries. The berries turn brownish black when ripe and are dried for medical and food supplement use.


Gee Lawson has a strong partnership with one of the key saw palmetto oil and powder producers in USA. Our ingredients are quality consistent and, by having direct contact with the producer, we have a strong understanding of the market and we are able take a stock position as early as possible each year.  


We can offer Saw Palmetto oil and powder  and we are pleased to say that we currently have product in stock should you want to trial our grades and make the


This February, a study conducted by researchers at the University of North Texas was published on Longvida®’s ability to reduce inflammatory and muscle damage biomarkers, following oral supplementation.

After exercise induced muscle damage, subjects showed significantly smaller increases in key inflammatory biomarkers with administration of 400mg/day of Longvida® versus placebo. The full study can be found in our Longvida's dedicated page (download area). 


Longvida® contains the natural antioxidant curcumin, optimized by SLPC™ technology for maximum bioavailability into blood and target tissues. Read more....click here. 


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AhiflowerTM oil notched another success at Natural Products Expo West 2016 by winning the NEXTY Editor’s Choice Award in the Ingredient category.
AhiflowerTM oil is unique among plant-based omega-3-6-9 dietary oils, because it combines the highest-available omega-3 stearidonic acid (SDA) with beneficial levels of gamma linolenic acid (GLA) in a clean-tasting, sustainable, and fully traceable ingredient. 
Furthermore, new data published in the Journal of Nutritional Science, indicated that Ahiflower™ oil, in addition to boosting EPA also boosted levels of anti-inflammatory omega-6 dihomo-gamma linoleic acid (DGLA) in circulating cells.
For further information, please visit our Ahiflower's dedicated page or contact us.  
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