Bergstrom Nutrition, manufacturer of OptiMSM®, a  branded, science-based, methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), recently published a study detailing how the small intestine absorbs MSM, particularly in relation to sulfur.


“The study found oral ingestion of OptiMSM® provides the body with a rapidly absorbed, readily available, constant supply of sulfur,” said Tim Hammond, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Bergstrom Nutrition. “The sulfur donated by OptiMSM® relieves the bioburden of essential amino acids cysteine and methionine, thereby ensuring sufficient quantity available for critical metabolic processes.”


Randal Buddington, Director of the Institute of Prematurity and Perinatal Research at the University of Memphis, served as the Principal Investigator of the study. “We recently discovered that MSM provides the sulfur needed for many of the body’s metabolic reactions, including sulfation, which is the process of adding sulfur to molecules,” said Buddington. “MSM allows more of the


More than ever, active individuals are looking for natural alternatives that can provide nutritional support to help maximize exercise benefits and reduce recovery time.  Natural antioxidants are an excellent alternative, but not all of them are able to prove bioavailability and efficacy.


Punicalagins are a group of potent antioxidants unique to the pomegranate fruit which are safe, water-soluble and highly bioavailable. These antioxidants can breakup into smaller molecules in the body, allowing them to deliver a wide range of proven health benefits.   


The following white paper, "Pomella® Mind & Body", available for download here, provides a scientific review of Pomella® with special focus on joint, vascular-endothelial and cognitive health, along with an impact through the gut-brain axis. 


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Our micro-encapsulated seaweed powder is 100% natural and vegan,  sourced and produced to sustainable and high quality standards in the Scottish waters.  It offers all the nutritional benefits of our existing seaweed ingredients, with the added benefits of near-neutral taste and colour and excellent solubility. Independent research also shows better protection of nutrients during digestion, thus improving bioavailability and functionality.


Seaweed is a natural, incredibly healthy and sustainable food. Nutritionally, seaweed is unrivalled, providing multiple benefits as an ingredient in foods, beverages, superfood blends and nutritional supplements. Knowing where seaweed comes from, how it is harvested and processed, with all the right quality assurances, is paramount to ensure you consistently get the required product. Our manufacturer’s accreditation system is based on decades of experience in harvesting seaweed, with an expert panel to measure, monitor and constantly improve on


After a generally slow-moving 2017, the market price for Glucosamine started to pick up in Q4 and is now currently slightly higher than that of 2017. The new environmental protection tax is very likely to increase the Glucosamine factories’ cost, especially on water discharge since it requires more than 100 MT of water to produce 1MT of Glucosamine. We expect that the market prices will remain very strong in Q1 of 2018. Prices remain stable for Hyaluronic Acid. Chondroitin Sulphate pricing remains fairly static for material brought into the EU.  More and more customers are demanding to see the CVED certificate as assurance that the material was legally imported.

The market price for ascorbic acid powder is relative stable although still high compared to 12 months ago. However, the supply of ascorbic acid derivatives such as the DC grade, Sodium and Calcium forms are in tight supply.

Commercially available MSM does not come from wood, plants, or fossil fuels. You can’t obtain MSM from a tree, extract it from plants, or remove it from petroleum or other fossil fuels. A chemical reaction is required to make MSM.


To the best of our knowledge, all commercially available MSM is synthetic and created through a chemical reaction of DMSO and hydrogen peroxide. Since all commercial MSM produced comes from DMSO, and all commercial DMSO is produced synthetically, the origin of the DMSO is not relevant. There is a general misconception that one supply of MSM is more natural than another. 

"I was born in Wuppertal, Germany but lived all my life in Hamburg, Germany. I started my career with sales of pharmaceutical and chemical raw materials and switched to Nutraceuticals (extracts, minerals, trace elements etc.) in early 2000. I was in charge for sourcing and purchasing as  well as for acquisition and sales. This long time in the business has given me a good knowledge about nutraceutical raw materials as well as their qualitative and regulatory challenges". 

Britta is based in Germany and works from the Lehmann&Voss&Co.KG office in Hamburg, promoting the Gee Lawson range of products among existing and new potential customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. If you haven't had the opportunity to meet her yet and want to discuss our current offer and new products, you can arrange an appointment now by simply following this This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


"Born in Portugal, I lived a short period in Finland and in Italy to study. After I graduated in Food Biotechnology, I decided to come back to Milan and find a job: I found a sales position in the nutrition field and after few years’ experience I started to work at LEHVOSS Italia. I speak fluently Portuguese, English and Italian. I am very interested on everything that has to do with functional food and how this can improve health. I love walking by the beach, reading a good book and being with friends". 

Giselda is based in Italy and works from the LEHVOSS Italia office in Origgio, Milan.  We are pleased to have Giselda in our team and we wish her success in developing the food supplements business in Italy. If you haven't had the opportunity to meet her yet and want to discuss our current offer and new products, you can arrange an appointment now by simply following this link.

This year LEHVOSS Iberia and Gee Lawson will be exhibiting at Nutraceuticals Europe. Come to the Feria de Madrid on the 14th or 15th of February, stop by the LEHVOSS Iberia stand E40  and learn about the Gee Lawson range of ingredients and solutions. 


Take the opportunity to learn about EpiCor’s unique attributes and scientific research by listening to Dr. Justin Green, PhD Director of Scientific Affairs at Embria Health Sciences,  at his presentation on Thursday 15th of February 11am, in the Seminar Theater. Would you like to arrange a meeting at the exhibition? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


According to scientific research, higher concentrations of zeaxanthin in a lutein-zeaxanthin combination, in food supplement formulations, may contribute to enrich the macular pigment. In particular meso-zeaxanthin may selectively raise MPD (Macular Pigment Density) and therefore be recommended as a key addition to the defenses against AMD (Age-related Macular Degeneration) beyond just lutein and zeaxanthin.  

XanMax® offers a unique combination of free lutein with varying levels of zeaxanthin and is manufactured from carefully selected marigold plants. XanMax®  was developed based on sound scientific data that demonstrates the strong health benefits of free lutein in combination with high levels of zeaxanthin, especially for eye health.


Please visit our XanMax® dedicated page and download the latest XanMax® science brief. XanMax® is a trademarked ingredient produced by Katra Phytochem and distributed in Europe by Gee Lawson.

Thanks to our partners network, we are now able to offer Longvida® as a finished product in bulks, strictly approved by our Seal Of Approval Standards and Procedures.


The product is manufactured in a transparent, HPMC, vegetarian “0” size capsule and contains 100% Longvida® powder with no excipients. To make this even better, our minimum order quantity is only 30,000 units. By adding this option to our core product range we aim to offer customers the choice to trial a product launch without  investing in internal resources or have  the choice to buy a high quality finished product in bulk and leave all the manufacturing to us.  


Why 400mg in a capsule?

400mg is the recommended daily dose, validated by more than 10 years’ research on Longvida®.New on-going research on a higher Longvida® dose will still encourage you to use this capsule size, as it is  carried out on an 800mg /day clinical dosage.


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